You can carry or attach the small, slim, light CODAWheel anywhere you go.

Made with careful consideration to detail, the CODAWheel meshes well with the details of any vehicle. The sleek and edgy design of the CODAWheel mixed with the gray pearl color of the button is a perfect new accessory for your car. The CODAWheel's sleek and modern design will be eye-catching, stir curiosity and send a new form of excitement. The button is made to fit perfectly with your fingers, while the overall size of the product is small and attachable anywhere.
A slim velcro tape, specially selected for the CODAWheel, is included for hassle-free surface mounting, removal and re-mounting. A double sided tape is also included.

The CODAWheel is a one-buttoned, smart remote which is designed to help you control your smartphone without touching it while driving. Now, you can drive safely with your eyes set on the road while managing all of your tasks at the click of a finger. The tasks you can manage via the CODAWheel is as shown below.

The CODAWheel’s single button exploits the voice command features from Siri/Google Now to carry out the voice-recognized tasks such as:

- Initiating mobile calls, sending SMS and email
- Recording voice memos
- Updating schedules
- Checking traffic conditions (can activate the navigation guidance via Apple Maps)

For iPhones, the CODAWheel’s feature of “hold down while talking” allows an added option in voice recognition while allowing broader compatibility and controllability for some old hands-free sets.

The controls of mobile phone’s MP3 player, music streaming service, internet radio become possible with a single button in the vehicle. Press the center button for control. A single click will Play/Pause; A double click will skip to the next song; A triple click will go back to the previous song. A long press on the button, during music play, will enter into the voice command mode.

The CODAWheel can be used as a camera remote for taking special shots, via the smartphone, such as group pictures or selfies. Now, no one has to be left out from the group pictures to take the photos and selfies are so much easier―just run the camera application and push the button without touching the smartphones to take pictures. Use of Candy Camera app is recommended for Android users.

The CODAWheel is continuously evolving to become the one and only in-vehicle universal remote control, that serves reliable functions for various 3rd party applications. Our efforts in expanding the functions of compatibility will add to the value of the CODAWheel and its ability. Current applications which are compatible with the CODAWheel is as follows:
Zello(Group Voice Chat,Android/iOS)

Coupled with Zello(a free Push-to-Talk App), the CODAWheel can link you to a group voice chat. This feature will be useful for communicating in multi-partied group travels or errands. Communication can be is made using the vehicle’s internal hands-free device, while the CODAWheel operates as the Zello’s push-to-talk button. For more detailed information, please refer to

Candy Camera (Android only)
Candy Camera is one of the most popular camera application that provides various real-time filters, camera effects, and photo editing tools to easily enhence photos, especially self-camera photos, taken on your smartphone. With CODAClick, you can easily control camera shutter release, switch filter effects, and take selfies without shaking.

VoiceCaddy+ (Android only)
Turn your smartphone into a caddie on a round of weekend golf, with CODAWheel, a one-button Bluetooth remote. Upon installing VoiceCaddy+ app on your phone, CODAWheel interacts with the app and becomes a vocal caddie at your fingertips. Click to hear the yardage to the hole, select the targeting green, toggle units between yards and meters, plus more. Set yourself free from squinting at your smartphone in bright sunlight. CODAWheel saves battery, too.

* CODA Button-supported third-party app offerings may vary between Android and iOS devices.

Additional Features on Android (R)
CODAWheel provides several additional features on Android system. Some of the features include voice recording, flashlight (camera LED), time announcement, launch user-selected apps, emulation of back key and power button, volume control of media playback, etc.

The CODAWheel can, at the click of its button, start Voice Command(Siri/Google now) in your smartphone. The voice command will go through the hands-free system of the vehicle when available.

1. Inside the car, click CODAWheel to be connected to the phone.
2. By starting up the engine, the Bluetooth hands-free system in the car will be connected to the phone as well.
3. Press the CODAWheel button to activate the Voice Command(Siri/Google now) and then speak out commands, such as "call John," "send a message to John,"or "navigate to Central Station."
4. You can also use it to control music or other applications (e.g. Push-to-talk).

Included: double sided tape, Velcro sticky back fastner


-iOS 7 with Siri
-Android 4.3 (latest Jelly Bean) or later:
CODA Button App will NOT install if your phone does not meet the version requirement;

before you purchase CODAClick or CODAWheel, you must first check your phone version by going to Settings > About phone;
you may also bring your phone up to date to the latest Android by going to Settings > About phone > Software update.


- Bluetooth 4.0
- Dimensions: 35.85mm(W) x 35.85mm (H) x 8.15mm (D)
- weight : 9.0g
- Range: up to 50 meters(depends or phone)

CODAWheel and CODAClick are sibling products with the same hardware and software genes. They look alike but dress differently. They serve the same purpose, just in different places. CODAWheel is a perfect in-car fixture for drivers so they can keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel, whereas CODAClick is a versatile, pendant-shaped portable gadget for everyday uses, anytime, anywhere. They also have the same parent, CODA Button App, which allows them to be at their best.